“De-sodding” transforms last year’s overgrown beds into soft, plantable soil

Here we are at the official first week of our 2022 season! The farm stand is up and running at the Sweet Tree Arts campus, the shed is all set up for tomorrow’s CSA pick-up, and most of the vegetables are in the ground and thriving. The hopefulness of spring is in its fullness and summer is just around the corner.

This week was one of transition for us, as Tom departed and Jason and I took up the reins. Tom spent most of his last week here repairing equipment that chose just the right moment to fail. This week began quietly, but slowly our volunteer team has trickled in and a sense of the Hope’s Edge community has returned. We’ll finish off the week with a “Meet and Greet” to welcome our new CSA members, thus filling out the community even further. 

I love the way the farmwork at Hope’s Edge seems to mirror the goings on in my own life and the wider world. As we transition our seedlings from greenhouse to field, our ideas for the farm this year transform into full-blown farming practices. The plants in the fields grow and form the whole of what a farm is meant to be, just as the individuals we have interacted with via CSA sign-up forms and email come together to form the Hope’s Edge CSA and volunteer team. We begin to share the produce that began as small seeds – each a hope for the future – with the greater community. 

This is truly an exciting time of the season, with much change and growth happening daily. Welcome to the Hope’s Edge 2022 season! We’re so glad to share the adventure with you all!