Welcome to Hope’s Edge Farm

We are a small farm located in Hope, Maine. We are currently seeking the right person(s) to continue to steward this beautiful 100-acre piece of land as Farmer Tom continues to scale back and prepare for retirement.

The opportunity is currently listed on both the Maine Farmland Trust FarmLink website and the New England Farmland Finder. These two websites link prospective (or current) farmers with landowners looking for farmers.

We would prefer the continuation of a diverse, sustainable operation with vegetables as a crop, but all conversations are welcome. We look forward to new ideas. We value the community aspect of farming.

Any new farmer coming in will be expected to honor all the terms of the planned conservation easement that is currently being finalized. The easement will guarantee that Hope’s Edge Farm will join with many of Maine’s other properties designated as “prime farmland”, protected from development and thereby providing a place for food production far into the future and for generations to come.

Some of our current equipment owned by land owner and present farmer will be available to share: haying equipment, compact utility tractor, large, older tractor, spader, etc. The current farmer built over 15 years, and lives in, a 2 bedroom, off-grid, wood-heated, wood frame home on the farm property. When he dies, the home stays with the farm. Other living arrangements are under review. A current cabin on the property, used for farm help in the recent past, is currently being renovated. One of the buildings in the main farmstead area has a functional summer (3-season) kitchen. Under consideration: bathroom/shower house facility on main farmstead; additional cabin/tiny house in main farmstead area.

We are optimistic that finding the next farm steward is on the horizon, but finding someone for the coming season is unlikely. If you or someone you know may be interested in farming this land, please visit one of the two listings above and let’s get in touch! 


“The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops but the cultivation and perfection of the human being.”  ~ Masanobu Fukuoka