The Strawberry Season is upon us

The Strawberry Season is upon us. The Hope’s Edge farm strawberry patch is just beginning to turn “spotty red” with ripening fruit. This patch is relatively small, 100ft by 50 ft, containing six 100 foot long beds with three different varieties which ripen at different times. At the moment, only one of these varieties is ripening but the others are not far behind. Nevertheless, if I were to send you all out to pick your own berries, you would get one to eat and one to take home. So, the question becomes how to distribute the berries from this limited source in a fair, equitable and generous fashion without overwhelming the source.

So, after having considered several options, here is the solution we’ve come up with— a rotating berry-picking list. This list will begin as first come first serve (as you come here to the farm) with a limited number of shares being allowed to pick. Once everyone has picked, the list will begin again. For example, this Thursday (today), five to ten shareholders will be allowed to pick [ ONE QUART PER HALF SHARE; TWO QUARTS PER FULL SHARE ] After having picked your share you will then sign the “berry picking list” on the table with the butterfly material. I will monitor the list until everyone has their share and then you will be allowed to pick again. For those who are close by, you may come on days when it is not a share day, as strawberries are not necessarily on a Tuesday and Thursday regimen. :o)

I think this could work with your cooperation. Of course you cannot pick berries without eating some and you are encouraged to do so but please be considerate of others who will follow you. You are also encouraged to pull weeds— you never can tell if a great big ripe juicy berry might be hiding beneath that ragweed.

Happy Picking.


PS- bring your empty yogurt containers for berry picking.